Arti TeQ


When hanging decorations, the user makes high demands upon design, quality, flexibility and user-friendliness. We develop and renew complete concepts that not only meet these wishes and demands, but even exceed them. We manage this thanks to in-house product development, market information from our customers ­and our man­y years of experience.

?More than anybody else, we understand that you only want to entrust your precious decorations to a reliable and solid hanging system. The products we market are therefore subjected to various quality inspections from product development until finished product. Maximum capacity, finish, colour; each and every important aspect is thoroughly tested, inspected and documented.

We dispose of a custom made fully automated combined press/controller. This machine enables us to meet the growing demand for picture-hanging systems and at the same time safeguard the constant quality of the products. Great attention is also paid to the assembly of our products into complete ready-made hanging systems for the consumer. To the same extent in which you cherish your decoration, we also have our hanging systems assembled with care and precision.

As you understand we are proud of our hanging systems, the process they go through and how they find their way to the end-user. They give people the opportunity to hang just thát what they find beautiful and what is precious to them; to their own personal desire and complete satisfaction.

Pride and belief from Arti TeQ alone is however not enough to get our hanging systems to the eventual end-user. To achieve this, you are naturally even more important. Not you as a customer, but you as a partner, because pride and belief has to be shared in order to be able to bring it across together. That is also the reason why we support you in all conceivable ways. A good price, a constant quality and reliable delivery times, but also promotional support to be able to mutually work your market in your country as good as possible.

­ Arti TeQ hanging systems. More than just hanging art.


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