Jerseys & T-Shirts

jersey-articleAre  you lucky enough to own  a jersey or tshirt from your favourite sporting great? Why not have it framed in your favourite team colours? Select some photos to enhance the item, perhaps a plaque or calligraphy with a special message.

We dont recommend using glue or staples to hold these items in place. We like to know that you can take your jersey or shirt out of the frame at a later date and wear it if you would like to.  

It is easy to just get a jersey framed - ring a couple of framers, take the cheapest quote and accept whatever materials they use.

The professional way to have a jersey framed is to bring it with you to Frame Craft where a consultant will explain and show you the options in framing the jersey. These consultations really need to be done in person, rather than over the telephone to give the best result.

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